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YUI Kiyomitsu and HAYAMI Nanako
New Cultural Waves from Asia 
International Sociology Association
World congress of Sociology
Plenary Sessions

  Wong Heung Wah Japanese Popular Culture in Hong Kong   The 2nd Conference on East Asian Culture and International Relations
雑賀 忠宏
2014/6/28  雑賀 忠宏 有害コミック問題における”性描写”の争点化とマンガ生産へのまなざし(ラウンドテーブル:「争点化される「エロ」-マンガとその隣接領域における性表現と規制をめぐる多角的考察」)  第14回日本マンガ学会大会、京都精華大学
2013/10/13  雑賀 忠宏 「メディアとしてのマンガ」研究と社会学(テーマセッション) 第86回日本社会学会大会、慶應義塾大学
2013/7/6 雑賀 忠宏 悪書追放運動前後期の<マンガ家>像とその正統性の構造ー『鋭角』・『全国貸本新聞』紙上におけるその連続性と差異をめぐって 第13回日本マンガ学会、北九州マンガミュージアム
2013/6/29-30 Marco Pellitteri Introductory remarks (Keynote speech) 1st Mutual Images international workshop "Exporting Young Japan: Between Text and Image", Konan University, Japan
2013/1/23-25 Jaqueline BERNDT Invisibly Asian? On Representation and Affect in Women’s Manga The Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Sydney, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, International Workshop“Women’s Manga in Asia: Glocalizing Different Cultures and Identities”, chair
2013/1 原一樹 観光と情報・メディア NPO法人観光力推進ネットワーク・関西主催、「地域創造のための観光マネジメント講座」
2012/12/10 Kiyomitsu YUI Climate Change in Visual Communication: From ‘This is not pipe’ to ‘This is no Fukushima’ パリ人間科学院招待報告
2012/11/30-12/2 Jaqueline BERNDT Subversion impossible? Rediscovering manga’s critical potential after 3-11 Seoul, Dongguk University, Mechademia Conference on Manga, Anime and Media Theory from Japan: “World Renewal: Counterfactual Histories, Parallel Universes and Possible Worlds”; Panel organizer
2012/11/12 Jaqueline BERNDT keynote teaching demonstration “Reading Manga” National University of Singapore, Dept. of Japanese Studies, International Conference ‘Teaching Japanese Popular Culture”
2012/11/9 Jaqueline BERNDT Manga: Art, Media, Media Art lecture,Japan Creative Center, Singapore
2012/11/4 雑賀 忠宏 マンガ/コミックス文化における「自伝性」という生産戦略ー文化生産の場における「作者性」の構造をめぐって  第85回日本社会学会大会、北海道学院大学
2012/10/17-20 Kiyomitsu YUI 日本社会文化論 インスブルック大学集中講義
 2012/10/17  Kiyomitsu YUI  On the Relation between Recent Japanese Studies and Japanese Popular Culture  ベニス大学招待講演
 2012/9/14  Kiyomitsu YUI  On the Relation between Recent Japanese Studies and Japanese Popular Culture  1st Japanese Studies and Popular Culture Stidies in Recent Europe, Kobe University Brussels Eoropean Center
 2012/9/14  Marco Pellitteri  Animation studies in Europe and sociology  1st Japanese Studies and Popular Culture Stidies in Recent Europe, Kobe University Brussels Eoropean Center
 2012/9/2  Kiyomitsu YUI  日本サブカルチャーとグローバル化時代の想像力――アジア的視角  北京外国語大学シンポジウム
 2012/8/31  Kiyomitsu YUI  「グローバル化の中の社会変容―新しい東アジア像を形成するために―」, <br>                「ポピュラーカルチャーが相互浸透する時代の東アジア像――グローバル化による社会変容の中で」  日本学術振興会――中国社会科学院共催シンポジウム:日中国交正常化40周年記念事業
 2012/8/22  Kiyomitsu YUI  Modernization Process of Japan and the History of Japanese Sociology: Perspectives from the history into the age of global settings  Korean Sociological Association
 2012/7/25  Kiyomitsu YUI  Project for Promotion of Japanese Studies by International Cooperation  ソフィア大学招待講演(ブルガリア)
 2012/7/23  Kiyomitsu YUI  Sociological Theory, Second Modernity and Japan: A Dialogue with U. Beck on Cosmpolitization and Asian Perspective  中国社会学会・東アジア社会学者ネットワーク国際会議(中国・南昌市)
2012/6/29 Kiyomitsu YUI Modernization Process of Japan and the History of Japanese Sociology: Perspectives from the history into the age of global settings;Part I 国際社会学会・社会学史部会中間期学会, Dublin
2012/6/28-30 Jaqueline BERNDT Sichtbarmachen: Postnukleare Landschaften im Manga Bonn University, Comparative Literature/Culture Research International Conference “Interkulturelle Schauplätze in der Großstadt/Intercultural Sites in the Global City”
2012/6/21 Jaqueline BERNDT Locally Global: The Kyoto International Manga Museum as a Mirror of Japanese Comics Culture 17th International Conference on Cultural Economics in Kyoto (ACEI)
2012/6/9 Kiyomitsu YUI Contemporary Society and the Possibilities of Cultural Industry: in relation to the visual turn of sociological theory 若手研究者ワークショップ(釜山大学)
2012/6/4 Jaqueline BERNDT 東南アジアのマンガ 京都精華大学マンガ研究科特別ワークショップ
2012/6/1 Marco Pellitteri A starting outlook or the images of Japan and manga in Europe among manga readers and non-readers Manga Worlds: Subculture, Japan, Japanology, 1st International conference on Manga/Anime World Network, Kobe University, Japan
2012/4/20 Marco Pellitteri When Media Do Not Mediate: Exaggeration and &quot;Monstrification&quot; of (the) Japan(ese) in Italy during the Fukushima Diaster Diaster and Cultural Change, SISJAC Research Workshop 2012, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
2012/5/17-19 Jaqueline BERNDT The media-cultural element: Two graphic novels by Japanese American authors read in Japan International Symposium “Asian American Graphic Narratives”, Hong Kong University
2012/5/3 Jaqueline BERNDT Manga and Art: Observations in Contemporary Japan BanQ Montreal
2012/4/27 Jaqueline BERNDT Revisiting Barefoot Gen: Japanese Manga Studies after 3.11 University of Wisconsin-Madison, Center for Visual Cultures (“Global Visualities: A Series of Public Conferences on Visual Cultures Across Time and Around the World”)
2012/4/14 Kiyomitsu YUI Manga and Anime as an Iconic Experience Center for Cultural Sociology, Yale University
2012/4/8 雑賀 忠宏 「マンガを描くこと」と「作者性」信憑構造の諸相ーマンガ、アメコミ、そしてBD シンポジウム『美術フォーラム21』「漫画とマンガ、そして芸術」、京都国立近代美術館
2012/1/8 Kiyomitsu YUI Construction of Internationally Cooperative System in University Education for Cultural Industry: in relation to the Talent Cultivation: Human Resource Development and Subject Construction of Cultural Industries 第9回国際文化産業フォーラム(北京大学)
2011/3/21 Jaqueline BERNDT Manga beyond legitimacy issues: Kyoto Seika University and Kyoto International Manga Museum ヴェネツィア大学Ca’Foscari、日本学科特別講演会
2011/3/8 Jaqueline BERNDT Globalizing Manga/マンガのグローバル化 プラハ大学(カレル大学)日本学科講演
2011/2/21-23 Jaqueline BERNDT Previously Women’s Literature, now Women’s Manga? Some Methodological Thoughts from the Perspective of Comics Studies International Conference “Women’s Manga Beyond Japan: Contemporary Comics as Cultural Crossoroads in Asia” Singapore National University
2011/2 Kiyomitsu YUI Glocalization and Contemporary Asian Culture Social Environment in Contemporary East Asia in the Age of Globalization(名古屋大学)
2011/1/27-28 Kiyomitsu YUI Worldwide Development in the Studies on Japanese Sub-Culture Comics and Modern Cultural Exchange(香港大学)
2011/1/6-7 Kiyomitsu YUI key-note speech:‘Japanese Animation and Glocalization of Social Theory’ The 4th Workshop on the Encounters of Young Scholars on Asian Studies(香港大学)
2010/12/5 Jaqueline BERNDT 越境する描線 ミュシャとマンガの接点をめぐって 京都精華大学国際マンガ研究センター・ジャポニスム学会共催シンポジウム『ジャポニスム x マンガ:二つの“日本美”』(京都国際マンガミュージアム)
2010/11/19 Jaqueline BERNDT Manga as “Literature”: Adaptations of Crime and Punishment in Japanese Comics (1953-2010) Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies,第42回大会(ロサンゼルス)
2010/11/12-13 Kiyomitsu YUI Varieties of Second Modernity in Asia and Cosmopolitanization 台湾、韓国、日本の若手社会学者のための国際シンポジウム(台湾大学)
2010/11/6 Kiyomitsu YUI Second Modernity in Japanese Version and Cosmopolitan Vision; A Dialogue with Ulrich Beck in Asian Perspective 第83回日本社会学会大会 Multiple Modernities in Japan and East Asia
2010/10/29-31 Kiyomitsu YUI Comparative Perspective on the Varieties of Asian Second Modernities in Relation to Cosmopolitanization The 8th East Asian Sociologists’Conference: Towards East-Asian Community in the Age of Globalization
2010/9/30-10/2 Jaqueline BERNDT マンガ研究と日本研究から見たマンガの文化横断論 ドイツ・ケルン日本文化会館(国際学術会議・企画/共催・司会)Intercultural Crossovers, Transcultural Flows: Manga/Comics